About Us


Eclectic; that defines us. It’s a summation of our style and service delivery philosophy; we constantly reach for that which is seemingly beyond reach, bringing uniqueness and originality to bear.

We are Ile-Eru.com the lifestyle and fashion company for the discerning individual who has an intrinsic sense of taste. Ile-eru since 1989 has constantly strived to appeal to a certain class of Nigerians.

The visioneer Magnus Mgbaja a.k.a “Baba Eru, Sai Baba!, Sai Finally!” started from home, and began his foray into the fashion industry by providing men accessories; shoes, wrist watches, belts, etc and quickly expanded into women shoes and other men clothing.

In 2002, Ile –Eru began a high end computer and electronics shop, specializing in high end home electronics. Today Ile-Eru.com is the place for those “who know”, the Technorati and trend setters, dealing in an assorted range of lifestyle products, ranging from unique items ranging from Fashion for Men and women including accessories,high end electronics and home furniture.

Ile-Eru is powered by Garge Business Services (GBS). GARGE is the operational arm of Ile-Eru.com and is manned by a team of highly motivated fashion enthusiasts’ who travel the world looking for that unique accessory that can complement the lifestyles of our esteemed clientele list. With over 25 years’ experience in delivering exceptional quality, Ile-Eru.com powered by GARGE is the brand of the eclectic fashionister of tomorrow.

Mr. Mgbaja, is the Head, Operations of Garge Business Services, he is married with kids and lives in Lagos but with business operations in the UK, Italy, Turkey and US.

To all of you, from all of us at ile-eru Store - Thank you and Happy ecommerce!

tel. +234 7605 750
contact@gargebiz.com or ifeanyi.m@ile-eru.com